Heinemann State Studies: Uniquely Ohio, Ohio History, People of Ohio, Ohio Native Peoples, Ohio Plants and Animals, All Around Ohio: Regions and Resources

This new series, released in mid-2003, categorizes Ohio information in six easily understood 48-page books, available in hard and soft cover. Read the whole set and learn about Ohio’s infamous sports teams and heroes, postage stamps, the bicentennial, make a batch of chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes or step back into Ohio’s prehistoric history, just for starters. Then read on to meet people who called Ohio home, walk among unusual geological formations, through acres of what’s home-grown in Ohio and meet rare and extinct species that live or once lived in Ohio.

Selected Works

Children's Nonfiction
Riddles, rhymes, fun facts and historically based stories in an old-fashioned reader format
Inventions from around the world that make a difference in the way we live today.
An Ohioana Library Association finalist for Juvenile Literature and a must-have for all Ohioans
Learn about Ohio by counting, rhyming and reading! Then you’ll agree: Ohio’s Number One!
Fascinating stories and information along with colorful photographs and maps about the Buckeye state.
The title says Cleveland, but this guide is full of the best places you can reach within a six-hour drive of Cleveland, complete with maps and itineraries; with stops and sites along the way!
A travel classic that takes readers around the Buckeye State to the best places to eat, stay, and sightsee!